Il Refettorio

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With a beautiful panoramic terrace, Il Refettorio (the hotel’s gourmet restaurant) boasts the Michelin star. Chef Christoph Bob offers you the quintessence of Mediterranean cuisine, with creative and healthy dishes that enhance and enhance local values and products. Very important is the Wine list. Also open to those who do not stay in the hotel, […]

Lido Capo di Conca

logo capo di conca

Located in one of the most suggestive and romantic spots of the Amalfi Coast, where a steep promontory meets the sea, close to an ancient watchtower, Lido Capo di Conca offers everything you could wish for to spend moments of relaxation and comfort.

La Tonnarella

logo ristorante la tonnarella

Built at the end of the sixties thanks to the skilful transformation of a room used as a tuna trap (hence the name), a particular network with which until 1965 tuna were fished in the sea area in front of it, he was the first intelligent manager. entrepreneur Umberto Lauritano, better known as “O ‘Bacchiss”, […]


logo trattoria ippocampo

Restaurant – Trattoria “L’Ippocampo” of the brothers Laudano Antonio and Costabile


logo ristorante risorgimento

The Risorgimento Restaurant is the oldest commercial activity in Conca dei Marini, the first restaurant to settle on the beach to offer tourists and locals the pleasure of tasting the products of the sea, prepared and cooked in a simply sublime way. The strong point of the Risorgimento restaurant in Conca dei Marini is fresh […]


logo ristorante euroconca

Euroconca, delicious restaurant on the Amalfi Coast in Conca dei Marini, enchanting sea view, Mediterranean cuisine and ideal bar for sandwiches and snacks. Enjoy the delicious cuisine of the Restaurant on the Amalfi Coast and Euroconca Bar! We offer the best of Amalfi cuisine with fresh and genuine traditional dishes. Our daily menu is rich […]

Le Bontà del Capo

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Thanks to the passion, tenacity, the complete dedication of Salvatore Criscuolo, better known as “O Capo” and his beloved and unforgettable wife Teresa, today, the Polisportiva restaurant called “Le Bontà del Capo” is one of the best known and appreciated on the Amalfi Coast. Placed in a privileged position, the restaurant seems to be disputed […]